Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pattern Review: Tee for Two by Patterns by Figgy

This pattern by Figgy's actually helped me get over my fear of making shirts and I made a shirt!  And it fits!

Don't worry, I still modified it.  I added cuffs at the ends of the sleeves (by using her collar method and halving the collar length on the pattern), hemmed the bottom, and hid the stitching inside instead of letting it show to the front.

Next time I make it, I am going to lengthen the collar piece, though, because it was a bit tight to get over the head.

Overall, I found the pattern easy to follow.  There were a lot of directions for how easy it was to make, which made it seem more complex than it actually was.

It also and printed a LOT of pages on my printer.  I should have looked through it first and not printed all the dress pages at the end.  The pdf was also set across the pages in a way that made me need to put a lot of little pieces together, but that is probably because I started with the smallest size instead of the biggest.

I am a little disappointed that it is a rough edge pattern (which is why I added arm cuffs and hemmed the bottom).  It also swings outwards a bit at the bottom.  I think I thought it was more of a t-shirt than a baseball shirt style for some reason.  Maybe next time I should embrace the baseball shirt style and use a different color for the arms and collar.

I am pretty excited that I made a shirt~ they have always seemed a bit difficult and now I know that is not true.

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