Saturday, December 3, 2011

Recipe: Soaked and Dehydrated Nuts

There are some anti-nutrients in some of the foods we eat.  These little buggers take the nutrition out of foods we think are good for us!  The good news is that we can help neutralize ones like phytic acid in grains and buts by soaking them prior to eating (read more here or in the cookbook Nourishing Traditions).

One of our favorites that we like to soak are nuts.  We especially love soaked and dehydrated walnuts, though we also like to do almonds.  We dehydrate them after soaking because they will only keep for around three days wet, and need to be kept refrigerated.  I don't really like cold food.  Plus, the taste of wet nuts is slightly acquired.  Soaked and dehydrated nuts taste more like what we have eaten before, only better.  The flavor is enhanced.

Bag of raw walnuts or almonds
Filtered Water

Empty bag into bowl.  Fill with water.  Can rinse a few times of water looks cloudy.  Leave on counter overnight (beware of little fingers eating "wet walnuts" while they soak!).  Drain and place in dehydrator.  Set to 110 degrees in order to keep digestive enzymes intact.  Let run until desired dry-ness.  We usually run for around 12 hours, or until we bite into them and they are crunchy.

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