Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tutorial: Kindle Sleeve

My new Kindle Fire is awesome. It is so awesome that I want to take it somewhere with me.  But I don't want it to get scratched in my bag.  So I made this sleeve for it.  I used fleece for the inside and a quilter's hard cotton for the outside.
First, I put the Kindle onto the fabric.  I cut around it, leaving a generous seam allowance.

Then I cut the same out of the outer fabric.

I stitched them, front sides together, leaving a hole for turning.

Then I turned it and pushed out the corners.  Next I folded it in half and stitched three sides together (actually two because the fold counts as a side).  The turning hole got closed.

Here it is with the two sides stitched together.

Then I folded over the top and stitched it in place.

To make a closure, I took an old sweatpant lace and stitched it to the back in a loop.

Then I added a button on the front.

Other closure options would have been snaps or another way of doing the button, or more of an envelope with a tab over the top.  I chose not to do these because I didn't want any of these to scratch the Kindle on its way in and out.  I could have marked the fabric in advance and gotten one side of a snap inside, between the layers, then made a fold-over tab, and maybe I will do this next time.

It fits!  I knew it would.... since I tested it after each step...
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